Which is your dream pillow?


Sleep is an important part of your well-being. Your sleep is certainly ensured by the use of a lot of bedding elements. And one of the most important factors is the pillow. This will provide the spine with relaxing. And thanks to a good night sleep, you will be healthy and active the next day. If you are looking for the right below, do not miss this post. We will provide tips and information in several aspects:

  1. What are the pillows?
  2. Features to consider before making a purchase
  3. An orthopedic pillow
  4. A pillow for newborn babies

What are the pillows?

The pillows’ main function is to support the neck, the head, and also the spine of the body. They keep each of these organs in the right position and, therefore, ensure a good night sleep.

The use of the right the pillow is determined by the structure of the body during sleep. For recovery necessity, the spine must be in a horizontal position. It must not be bent. Therefore, a good pillow should keep and the head and the cervical spine in a straight line during sleep

A person is always turned during sleep so that the head and the neck may be twisted with the pillow. When a person sleeps without a pillow, the cervical spine is not relaxed, the neck vertebra is bent, which can result in headache and back pain.

Historians believe that the first pillow filled with goose mares and feathering appeared in ancient Greece. In the Roman empire, fluffy feather pillows occupied a special place in everyday life.


The choice of pillows is individual, so it is not necessary for all family members to buy the same pillow. If you are considering replacing your old pillows, it is important to note which sleeping position you often are in at night:

  • On the back – use low pillows, they will relax the neck.
  • On the side – use a high pillow, they will be able to support your head and neck so that they are in a straight line with the spine giving it the rest.
  • On the abdomen – You need a low pillow or else the tension of the neck muscles may be the consequence.

Features to consider before making a purchase

Form: You can choose the classic or orthopedic pillow. The orthopedic pillow is specially designed for the treatment of back and neck pain.

Dimensions: There are different offers. However, it depends on your personal choice.

The material: The decision will depend on the pillows materials. There are natural and synthetic pillows that provide adequate softness. If you like the feathers and down pillows, you will notice the presence on them which means that the natural fibers are hypoallergenic from natural fillers cheapest to the most expensive, wool. Massage effect of cushions filled with buckwheat shell ideally repeat the contours of the body. Synthetic fillers include polyester, upholstery polyester, and others. There are pillows made with uncommon material like bamboo.

Body build: When choosing a pillow, we necessarily consider the structure of the human body. For people with wide shoulders who want to sleep on your side, you need a higher pillow.

The mattress: Consider the softness of the mattress. The softer the mattress, the higher the pillows.

Size: Pillow length should not exceed the width of the mattress.

Using instruction: It is also necessary to properly use a pillow: Shake the pillows in the morning, refill the pillow at least once a year, let cool, and ventilate regularly, dry the outer padding pillows made of synthetic materials.


An orthopedic pillow

An orthopedic pillow is a pillow ergonomically shaped with one or two castors to support the neck. The classic shape of the pillow is familiar with all people but no longer helpful. However, to buy an orthopedic pillow, it is necessary to try it out a few days to get used to it. You will never want to sleep on a conventional pillow.

Dimensions of orthopedic pillows are chosen in the same way as the classic sizes, pay attention to the width of the shoulders due to the fact that it corresponds to the height of the roller pads.

Materials of orthopedic pillows are very diverse. These are the most common:

  • The pillows made from latex are durable. It can be easily cleaned and do not cause allergies. If the pillow was too high for you, you can cut out the bottom level and make fit it for yourself.
  • Viscoelastic foam is used as a material for the pillows “with memory” effect – under the influence of heat and pressure, the pillow keeps the shape of the body. Cushions made of such a material are, in any case, impossible to wash and always expensive,
  • Polyester pillows are filled in the form of beads and lubricated with silicone. This composition pillow adapts to the anatomical shape of your body when you change your sleeping position. You are free to adjust the size of the pillow. They want to make it low, get rid of some parts in the pillow. Pillows made of durable polyester are antiallergic, easy to wash.

A pillow for newborn babies

Choose a rolled blanket to put under the mattress, the surface is smooth, and the baby’s head is slightly raised. However, some experts argue that no pillow is needed in this case. If the child grows up, he must have his own pillow. The main factor to opt for a baby pillow is that you can raise the height of the pillow.

Natural materials are more recommended as they are superior to the synthetic heat store and prevent sweating. However, most plastic pillows are safe in terms of allergenicity. They are also washable pillows. A growing preference for pillows materials is buckwheat husk. Effective and anatomical features make them rustle sounds, which often children soothe. You can also choose children’s orthopedic pillows.

You have learned how to choose the right pillow. Remember not to underestimate the pillow’s important. In fact, it is – the key to your healthy sleep. For more about your sleeping buddies, visit www.bedtimefriends.com.Thank you  for reading!

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