When buying party tents for sale, there is the huge variety of different products. A decisive quality criterion is the material of the tarpaulin. This may be made of polyester (PES), polyethylene (PE) or of polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Those who want to save money, but still looking for a good tent for occasional use, should take PE Party tents more closely. Why Plan of PE material have their charm and what to consider when buying, they learn in this article.

PE Tents: Light, but still stable

During a tarpaulin, PVC average 500g / m2 weight brings a tarp from PE usually less than half of the scale. This makes not only cheaper but also in the ease of handling of the tarpaulin when Zeltauf- and degradation noticeable. Particularly for mobile applications with changing construction sites is a PE-tent because of the little weight, smaller packing volume and the ease of handling a solid product.

Although PE tents are much lighter than PVC tents, they also provide effective protection against wind and rain, provide shade and serve in the cold evening hours as a warm shelter. Also, PE tents have good resistance to external environmental factors and are durable with proper care. A PE-tent should be primarily used as a temporary shelter, which is dismantled and stored again possible after some time.

Here again all the advantages of a PE-tent at a glance:

Storm damage is annoying and expensive, at worst underwriting issues also need to be clarified. With an adequate state protection of the tent, which is done by an adapted floor safety, you can prevent this and must not degrade necessarily with any inclement weather message campgrounds. The following accessories help to increase the stability of your tent:

  • Lower price than for PVC tents
  • Easy handling during assembly and dismantling Zeltauf-
  • Smaller packing volume
  • Light transportation
  • Excellent weather protection
  • Good resistance to external environmental factors

This should be considered when buying a tent PE

As with other materials, the thickness or the weight plays a crucial role for the robustness. Make sure however that the tarps are manufactured from at least 200 g / m², more preferably 240 g / m², PE material. The rule is the heavier, the more stable the material.

Another criterion for stability is the top cover. This should consist of a piece to consolidate its supporting structure additionally. Large windows contribute that much light is coming into the interior, giving the guests a feeling of freedom and space. Even with the windows and multi-layered durable material for excellent stability and durability is critical. Good PE tarpaulins are also UV-resistant and waterproof, so your guests are protected from direct sunlight and rain showers. Also, make sure that the seams of the clothes are double stitched. This also contributes to the strength and water resistance of the PE-tent.

PE Party tents with the removed side panels.

Other important roles are played by the practicality and comfort of the tent. Let both the gable walls and the side parts or removed one so variable tent entrances can arise? Who would also like to build up his tent elsewhere or otherwise use quickly realizes the importance of variability of Tent doors? Therefore particularly the characteristics of the gable walls should be scrutinized. Typically located in these zippers for inputs. Make sure that it is sturdy zipper systems. At best, there are at both gable walls zippers so that inputs can be varied.

To prevent the ingress of cold drafts, all plan components should complete overlap with the ground. Any additional grommets on the overlying tarpaulin used to fix with pegs. This will reduce next drafts and noise nuisance caused by wind movement of the cloth.

Wear to the real climate tent: individually removable side panels.
An excellent air tent helps that guests feel comfortable and stay fit. But enough oxygen must enter the tent. A conscious renunciation of Velcro fasteners or solid side panels ensures fresh air in the tent. Make sure however that the side panels are composed of several elements, so arise compounds which can be oxygen into the tent, created without drafts.


A PE-tent is perfect for the short-term and rapid deployment, is easier to use and saves money, weight, and space. Just for occasional events or for temporary use in markets, fairs and events PE tents have proven because of their practicality.

Anyone looking for a low-flammability and extremely durable tent, which we propose to look at our fire-proof PVC tents.

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