Traditional with entire family busy with the tent poles and manual or rather a tent that is a festival within a minute. Camping has been popular for years and has more and more forms and associated requirements. Comfort, ease of use, size and appearance; Everyone finds a different aspect again necessary. So far will help you get when choosing the tent that fits your needs.

Making a choice

With a tent especially a nice tan and has been very cheap can be reached in 9 of the 10 cases still not the convenience you could wish for. Factors and considerations when buying a tent:

  • Transport. During a vacation by car where you stay longer in one place is a lightweight tent, not a must, after all, a car can be easily some extra kilos digest. Start your backpacking and sleeping every night somewhere else, look for easy set up lightweight tents.
  • Format. A holiday on your own requires a lot less space than a family.
  • Weather. On a vacation in a warm country, you can choose the best for a bright color, lots of ventilation and mesh doors to keep out mosquitoes. Go to a country where most agree could fall a temper concern whatsoever for proper ventilation. Otherwise, the condensate remains in the tent. In such a country is slightly more space in the tent, not a luxury. Winter camping asks again completely other features. Take for example a tent where too many pegs into the frozen ground to be beaten. Holds and winter campers also consider the materials. Fiberglass poles are for example very fragile at temperatures below zero.

Family Tents

The best family tent often perches on a campsite where you are staying the longer time. A tent put up too soon for a week or longer. This makes more difficult design work is not a disaster, and you can often count on quite a bit of comfort. Family Tents come in various types and degrees of support, each with their advantages.

  • Pyramid tents. The pyramid tent has become a typical Dutch tent. Because of the design in the shape of a pyramid, this tent is wind resistant. It is the tent that is always left standing blown down as the rest of the tents of Ameland campers. Are you a camper island? Then the pyramid tent is the best choice.
  • Tunnel tents. Seen many family tents on sites that tunnel tents, these are variations of 3 to 8 people. These tents are sold far is undoubtedly the fact that this is a stable, robust family tent. They are easy to set up, have a lot of living space and can take a beating.
  • Dome tents. The tent set for going on vacation for two. Dome tents have a sleeping area with previously always some living space. This is a tent for a holiday with good weather, the life space inside the tent is quite limited.
  • Grafting inflates. The latest trend among family tents called opponent, a tent where the poles are replaced with an inflation system. With an electric pump or foot pump, you can blow air into the “tube system” and set the tent itself ‘naturally’ on. A tent that is within fifteen minutes, plenty of living space and good ventilation. The prices of this new camping innovation starting from 1299

Storage tents

All fields are during the festival season packed with additional tents and camping on the older children are often in a tent. Storage tents are ideal for those who do not need as much space (at a festival), or for those who just have space shortage in the family tent.

  • Dome tents. A compact tent with a sleeper for, depending on the type tent, 2 to 5 persons.In these tents is always a mosquito net and a ‘standard’ close cloth. For the sleeper is still covered piece for shoes, bags or other items that could be better drying.
  • Vis-a-fishing grafting. The more luxurious side tent is the vis-a-vis tent. A godsend for two children from families who do not wish to be in the booth together. A fish-a-visitant consists of two sleeping cabins with in-between living space. This type of tent is available in many different formats. The older ones sometimes are used as a family tent.

Lightweight Tents

Accommodation during your hike or in a car, bike or motorbike holidays, these are cases where a lightweight tent is a godsend. These tents are easy to set up, lightweight and above all provide very compact.

  • 1- to 3persoonstenten. The small, lightweight tents are available in many different versions.The 1persoonstenten with a width of 70cm tiny, sleeping after a night adjusting it were in your saddlebag. The 2- and 3persoonstenten be slightly larger in size and often have a piece of indoor living space. Prima tents for a tractor break with the engine.
  • Family Tents. The draw family from place to place, which calls for a larger tent. The lightweight tents also exist in family embodiments, with the advantage of the decent family tents, the weight, the design convenience and the ease of storage. For that, you deliver something on comfort and space.

Buying tent

Let yourself when purchasing a tent properly informed by the sellers at specialty stores. Make your wishes quite clear that you are buying the right tent for your vacation. All kinds of tents These have their advantages and disadvantages to each other, but there is always a tent that best suits you.

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