When selecting a tent must take into account some factors that will determine which decant us toward one or another. If you want to buy a tent, then we give a series of essential tips to consider in the search process that shops that most suits your needs. For more convenient, you can opt for the best backpacking tent

The first factor when selecting a tent is what we want seasons. There are 3 types of tents about this:

– Tents four seasons: Those tents designed for expeditions, mountain use. They are designed to an extreme guitar temperatures, the wind, rain, and snow. It is important always to select a sleeping bag according to our needs; the store does not protect from the cold, only wind and rain. They are much more resistant than the three stations two stations or shops.

– Tents 3 seasons: This type of tents are designed for areas with moderate temperature and typical weather during early autumn, late spring and summer. They can also be used to conventional mountain regions with the temperate climate.

– Tents 2 seasons: This type of stores are intended to be used in summer and late spring, with very pleasant temperatures. This is typical camping tents. When to select is important to note that the interior material is breathable and has a good impermeability of faces to comments summer.

When continue picking the tents must be the number of people who want to fit inside into account. There are some standardized dimensions to this:

Often many people are looking for large tents or family tents. Large stores silence be standard practice for camping, in familiar surroundings and friends and to camps where escorts, hikers or boy scouts participate.

As for the shape of the tents, there are three types of shelters. The listed below:

  • Canadian campaign tents are the most characteristic but not the most used. Are typical tents so triangular?
  • Igloo tents: They are the most used shopping season. By using rods give a configuration shaped shell egg or igloo. They are characterized by an excellent use of space.
  • Tents structural campaign: It is usually for those stores larger drive without igloo shaped or triangular, rectangular but with more features.

When selecting tents must also take into account other aspects such as the following:

The weight. Many times if we practice climbing, cycling other important issues makes the burden of the tent. In these cases what you’ll be looking for is a store of light or ultra-light campaign, which are those of up to 2 or 3 kilos.

The material. There are two types of materials that are made tarps tents: cotton and nylon. The cotton canvases are characterized by a better transpiration and nylon for better resistance.
Impermeability, of great importance to be protected from the weather. What measures this aspect is communal water is measured in meters of water that could have a column of 1 cm2 in contact with the canvas of a tent until they begin to enter grandad water.

When buying a tent is important not to forget or winds, which serve to hold the form of campaign tent in windy and pegs or pins for tents. They may also be useful other accessories for tents

Practical tips

When you buy the store, there are others that you ‘purchase only by Precautions In. First ask some stakes too well: always lose. It Takes Also sugar more rope to the store. Something you shouldn’t miss is a kit repair shops Where there is Usually thread, needle, universal glue, patches and parts of pipes and ropes.

Another supplement in Addition to the tent itself is used under thermal insulation sleeping bag each. There are all kinds of items to take camping you can Acquire in any shop: flashlights inside the tents, folding tables and chairs, cleaning kit, heaters, kitchen equipment portable, inflatable pillows and sleeping bags, refrigerators, and thermos.

When you’re preparing your trip You should carry your luggage Consider and (on foot, by car or another vehicle) to calculate the maximum weight you can carry. It is Also Important to know the number of days you spend in your store hosted and THUS Consider what things are essential and Which can avoid taking. I hope this guide has Helped you choose your perfect store campaign. Safe trip!

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