With my parents I never went camping (my father fits with his 2:04 m not in a caravan or tent), so when I went camping in 2012 for the first time with Geert, a whole new world for me. Of course, I had been a few years scouting experience in my earlier years, but real camping experience? But ho. If you’ve never been camping, it may be that you encounter a few things to walk. That’s Why today my seven best tips for camping leeks.

1. Take a right equipment with

Oh, ladies and gentlemen, camping begins with proper equipment like the best camping tents. I mean not that it becomes like a motorhome of 3 tons, but the cheapest tent of Aldi is not recommended (unless you are going to Lowlands). Provide a waterproof tent (take the safe with duct tape!), Two decent folding chairs that give you no hernia and plenty of cooking utensils.

Oh, and check everything before you go! The first year there appeared to be missing a plug of us borrowed air mattress, so we had to fill the gap with toilet paper and duct tape (I say a panacea). Nowhere we could buy a new stop, and when we had one there, the air mattress also proved to be another leak. Not recommended.

2. Look first to the ground and then to your pegs

The people who go camping for the first time, so you filter between the people from. These are the individuals who are saving their regular nails on a rock floor piece. Make sure you seek out a good piece of land (usually you can choose a place). Go to a country where there is a lot of rocky soil (like Croatia)? Take heck individual pegs it. So you ran into the ground.

3. Find out in advance how the barbecue works

Disposable barbecues are not dragging in the summer and certainly ideal for while camping. But looking on earth beforehand how he works. I pulled coal neatly from the bag while you pocket should stop stabbing. After an hour, we still have the frying pan again caught in

4. Find an active agent against mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are hell on earth. Last summer I still ended up in the emergency room with an injection in my butt, because I had an allergic attack. Whether you go to a luxury resort or your tent in the wilderness intent: mosquitoes are everywhere. So take care of this anti-mosquito stuff, buy citronella candles and protect the mosquito in your tent with your life.

5. Pitch your tent in advance a (few) times

The people who (too large) tent for the first set, so you filter out. Those are the people you can hear cursing at five kilometers away, while they are setting up a five-person Ballroom Couple. Therefore, it is super convenient to set up a (few) times your tent in advance in your backyard. You get automatically knack.

6. Buy folding crates

We’d pull the country back and therefore are usually up to three nights at a campsite. Loading and unloading of car you sat twice after all, so make sure you have him handy arranges. A very useful tip: pack any suitcases or bags, but put your stuff in folding crates. You stack them so in the car. She pulls out quickly, and you can search a lot easier for that shorts or shampoo bottle.

7. Find out in advance where the (beautiful) camping sites

When we last summer seemed to have found a nice campsite in Sarajevo (Bosnia), we stood in front of an empty meadow. At such shenanigans are not you wait for your holiday, so find out in advance where the campgrounds are beautiful. Of course, you home books, but if you go on spec (like us) it is helpful to know where are some beautiful campsites anyway. Of countries like Spain and France, they have very useful site booklets, containing collected all the campsites, but in countries such as Bosnia and Montenegro, they do not. First a figure so.

One for me entirely new concept and Yellow! Village, which is described as an “open-air hotel. To more than 65 destinations in France, Spain and Portugal, they offer a holiday with the whole family, a sporting holiday or just a vacation in nature. Through the site, you can easily specify your preferred making your favorite campsite is automatically rolls out!

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