What should I bring to camp

The arrival of the good weather and warm temperatures not only gives us the opportunity to enjoy the beach but also the mountains and countryside and what better way than camping. But to spend a perfect day is important to take in forecasts why we give all the keys, so you know what to take camping and thoroughly enjoy the contact with nature.

1. First and foremost it is safe since you know you should bring a tent, but remember that before leaving home should make sure you have all the accessories to make it work correctly: stakes, ropes, etc.

2. Sleeping you can choose from a bag (we recommend an insulator to be a little farther from the ground) or an inflatable mattress that guarantees comfort, yes sure it fits perfectly into your tent. If you choose the bed also carries the device to inflate. Remember to choose the coleman 8 person tent for your family

3. If you want to be more comfortable during your days camping you can take a fan to the tent (in the case of boiling at night), a table and folding chairs

4. Always include in your luggage a few meters of rope, you can be useful for any occasion. Similarly, you should bring scissors, a hammer and a shovel, tools for mounting camping tent

5. At night you obviously need lighting so you can not miss several flashlights with batteries (head are very practical as they leave your hands free) or a pair of individual lamps for camping

6. In specialty stores you can find a particular kit shovel and brush to clean inside the tent, they work great if your plan is to camp on the beach as sleep keep your site free of sand

7. Before leaving see the weather forecast and wears the right clothes for your camping days are as comfortable as possible. In your luggage can not miss either your personal hygiene products as well as a package (or more) of toilet paper

8. You must carry a kit with basic remedies for upset stomach, flu, headache, fever and something to address any slight cut in the case of a minor accident. Also, do not forget the sunscreen and insect repellent will save you a lot of trouble

9. If you go camping on a site you do not know, especially in mountainous areas, always carry a map of the area indicating the nearby villages, plus a compass or GPS

10. Remember that need non-perishable food such as canned and packaged products easy to handle as well as a gas stove, pots, and all the implements to cook food that you take. It includes a portable refrigerator and dry ice that stays for longer

11. Keep clean the place where you camp is important so remember to include trash bags and collect all your waste to leave it all in the best state

12. And if you want to have a fun time do not forget to bring a ball (football, volleyball, etc. ) shovels, letter, and some board games to entertain all

13. Be sure it is also important, so we invite you to consult our article on security measures for camping and if you’re traveling with small, we give you all the information so you know how to camp with children. Safe trip!

Safety measures for camping

Safety precautions for camping Camping is a great experience and a unique way to disconnect for a few days in the city and a bit closer to nature. And it is to be in a less controlled environment that is necessary to be proactive and know the basic safety measures for camping in we give to you can plan your trip without any risk.

1. In many countries, there are specially prepared camping areas offering many services in other nations there is less control on the issue, so it is critical to be preventive

2. You install tent in a field as flat as possible and never on surfaces that could break down how trees, mangroves, etc. It is also important that your store is cautiously away from the sea or river bank

3. Takes into account the wind when you’re installing the tent, if it is an area where there is too much breeze need to raise your camp to protect you against the wind of it and prevent drag Store

4. Do make campfires and avoid accidents, plain and straightforward. It is far better to bring a portable gas kitchen light a fire because it could spin out of control or be badly off and cause a fire

5. If you decide to make a campfire at least tries to be away from the shops because a spark could be the start of a fire, again the recommendation is to avoid

6. Always carry a first-aid kit with the essentials, plus a mobile phone with charged battery, a compass, a GPS and a map of the area where you find the nearest villages marked

7. Stay in group and solo exploring avoids if you do not know the area where you go camping if you do remember to take your bearings methods that allow you to return safely to the Campsite

8. Always carry enough non-perishable food such as canned and plenty of water to stay properly hydrated. It is also advisable to consult the weather forecast for the days you plan to camp

9. Do not camp in prohibited sites as you could spend an unpleasant experience. Established camping areas have minimal supervision of the authorities and in theory, are safe spaces, so it is best to respect the rules and limit yourself to these areas

10. Never leave the city to camp without informing any family member or friend how prevention method. Informs where you go, at which point plan to camp and when you plan your return

Tips: Follow these simple safety rules will allow you to enjoy your trip without risk

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