How to choose 3-season tents?

Self-bearing capacity: Before opting for a construction form or another (see above), you will have to choose between fixed or freestanding tent. But what is a freestanding tent? Well, it is simply a tent capable of standing alone without rods (or sardines) or shrouds. The assembly is generally easier / faster. In an emergency (sudden change in wind direction at night) one can easily redirect its shelter without removing it completely. No one has to worry about the location of the camp, whether land can be planted sardines or not. Attention, however, an unfixed ground tent will provide stability at the slightest wind a tent with poles and guy wires.

Ease of assembly: The whole tent is easy to install for whom is accustomed. You just have to practice several times “in the garden” and all will be well. It will, therefore, consider more assembly time, which can range from single to quadruple.

Basic information and criteria

Weight: While the “three seasons” now display all reasonable weight in itself, it goes from 1 to 3 kg depending on the model, depending on the fabric surface, the materials used, and the number of poles. It is estimated an ideal weight of a tent to within one kilo per person. But if overweight, you can easily remedy this problem by dispatch ant tent components in the bags of your various companions trek.

Color: Light colors are preferred. They attract less sun. If forced extended stay due to bad weather, they offer even the minimum of light needed to avoid falling into the deepest depression.

Trim levels: Be extremely careful finishes, especially the seams, major weaknesses tents. The heat welds are preferred because of being more resistant and effective in sealing.

Recommended brands and products

Mountain Hardwear – 2 DP Skyledge

Flysheet: 20D ripstop nylon 1500mm PU / SIL

Inner tent: 20D Poly Knit Mesh

Floor: 70D ripstop Nylon Taffeta 3000mm PU

Poles: DAC featherlight NSL ™.

Dimensions: 2.6m² (floor area)

Weight: 1955g

Recommended retail price: € 490 (you can find lower price or best family camping tents for sale here)

Our opinion: Drawing its design in the Alpine brand philosophy, this standing is the only tent in this folder to be fitted as standard with an additional floor mats, which, in addition to protect the floor mat of the room, greatly simplifying assembly operations in difficult conditions since it is possible to mount the whole structure and the rain fly to end up the room from inside. For cons, the trapezoidal base requires careful during assembly, there is no color code. Coming close to 500 Euros, this Skyledge leaves us with mixed feelings: lightness, resistance to very good wind, but some details are annoying. In a fortnight, we broke two stakes. The inner tent is reduced to a single screen: level protection, the difference with a tarp is thin. The outer fabric is very durable but slow to dry. Finally, the interior space is a bit tight for two adults. Nice little detail, transparent skylights to observe on the lookout for what is happening outside.

Nemo – Obi 2P

Rainfly: Nylon 20 denier polyurethane coated

Inner tent: Mesh and nylon 20 denier polyurethane coated

Floor: 30 denier nylon with polyurethane coating

Poles: Aluminium DAC Featherlite NSL ™

Dimensions: 213 x 127 x 102 cm (indoor)

Weight: 1553g

Recommended retail price: € 519

Our opinion: Assembly with quick fasteners / double-roof, double access and large side openings for good organizing inside, cords on sardines for easy handling, wide opening storage bag saving time in the morning. To return to editing, it is simply the fastest of this selection, the straps on each end of the rain fly are to perfectly adjust its voltage and adjust the room for optimal insulation against the wind and rain. Nemo pay dearly for these details, we go beyond the psychological barrier of 500 Euros, but if you went for trekking for a month in the Himalayas, this versatile model and manufacturing visibly treated can be an interesting option.

The North Face – Rock 2

Flysheet: 190T polyester taffeta 75D, 80 g / m2, 1500 mm PU coated waterproof finish

Inner tent: 40D nylon mesh “no-see-um” (anti burn)

Floor: 70D 190T nylon taffeta, 83 g / m2, PU coated 5000 mm, waterproof finish

Poles: DAC Featherlite NSL aluminum

Dimensions: 226 x 137 x 108 cm (indoor)

Weight: 2514g

Recommended retail price: 260 €

Our opinion: the dome of choice with all its advantages, compact outside but roomy enough inside with two beautiful apses on each side. Announced on the site manufacturer as an expedition tent, we would try to say that we must see what is meant by “expedition”. Because it is on a three-season model (but good). No complaints about the interior volume because it is spacious. Installation is also going smoothly. But two points grieve us somewhat.

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