Travel in Vietnam: What to remember?

  • Pins anywhere in Vietnam, but only at ATMs / banks with the Maestro logo. It can also happen that some banks refuse practices of foreigners. Try it, in this case, just at another bank. The limit per transaction is usually 2 million dong. Some ATMs have a higher limit. Make sure you pay per insert transaction. Furthermore, you must first unlock some bank accounts only for use abroad.
  • The north of Vietnam, you can visit the best in October, the South is best between November and February.
    Between October and January, the central and southern Vietnam regularly to deal with flooding. Otherwise, you can visit the south, I recommend a Danang tour
  • You can now journey directly in Vietnam book yourself but pay here and among the ANVR / SGR conditions. Through the platform of Local Hero Travel, a community of professional local travel agents in different remote locations. Your local Hero has the latest up-to-date local knowledge, lives there himself and organizes trips for doing it yourself like you. You travel cheap, small-scale and helps local communities. More about books locally.
  • A direct flight between Siem Reap and Phnom Penh in Cambodia to Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi in Vietnam is usually very expensive compared to travel by land. However a cheap alternative is a flight on AirAsia to Kuala Lumpur or Bangkok, and about to board the AirAsia flight to Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi. Although this is quite in order, and also takes a lot of extra time, this is the cheapest way at AirAsia offers ever to fly between Cambodia and Vietnam.

  • You can easily travel a package with items such as clothing (which you no longer use) to your address ship elements in the Netherlands. Prices are with you when you make use of overseas mail. You pay about 35USD for a package of 10kg. The downside is that it may take up to 3 months before it arrives in the Netherlands. The advantage is that when traveling for example from North Vietnam to South Vietnam; you already can send back to NL warmer clothes and buy new clothes in the south.
  • Some local (Vietnamese) agency questioned the booking confirmation for a copy of both sides of your credit card. This is common but brings significant risks with it. It is better not to use travel agents acting in this way. Although the agency itself probably doing the right thing, a lot can go wrong. If necessary for you to pay with PayPal. This is many times safer.
  • When you domestic flights have booked in advance (online), always make sure that your credit card that you have completed the booking with you. This is a requirement and without being able to show off your credit card you can not on the plane.

  • If you want to use domestic flights, buy not the cheapest flight class (super saver) but slightly more expensive so you possibly can change even for a small fee, flight date. This also applies to flights to neighboring countries.
    When you can not stand the hectic airports, train stations or bus stations, it is better to pre-define the hotel stay and the hotel agreeing that they pick you up. There’s someone waiting for you with a sign. While a pick-up is slightly more expensive than the regular taxi fare; you have nothing to do with drivers who want to rip off. Furthermore, you also have the certainty that you will be brought directly to the right hotel. A common scam is that taxi drivers will take you to a hotel with almost the same name, but which ultimately proves to be a very different hotel (lower quality).
  • Some hotels and guesthouses want you to leave passports with them. Do this under any circumstances. Give them instead, possibly a copy (though even that is best avoided).
    Make sure when the hotels in the tourist areas on you when you ask for advice, the advice often gets what is most beneficial for the hotel itself. If you ask example to tailor what you’re a best to go, then there is a chance that the hotel sends you to a tailor where the hotel has an arrangement. This also applies to several other services ranging from hairdressing to massage parlors and travel agencies to restaurants.

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