Clothing and accessories climbing for beginners

One day, I decided to give me the first step in this great sport to overcome, sacrifice and companionship and advice of my friends already climbed, I showed up at a clothing store and accessories climbing, willing to equip with the basics for this sport. The most important is the best backpacking tent for a long day trip. Find all model here

Thanks to all the advice I received and after months of use of the equipment, I can tell you my experience to help those who may have thought introduce you to this fascinating activity.

In climbing there is enough material to consider, but I will focus only on that which is essential to begin with, can take advantage of rope, tape and insurer more experienced companion who will accompany you on your first ascents.


The first garment climbing I thought when I was in the store, it is vital to choose cat feet that fit your physiology because the poor choice of this technique can directly make garment abhor the practice of climbing.

There are two types: foot cat symmetrical and asymmetrical. The difference is that the former have the heel aligned with the tip, thereby providing greater comfort than asymmetric, with the toe inward and force us to take the stand and in a compressed position recollection of fingers. Speaking of performance, asymmetrical are more technical cat feet and allow to rush more complicated way, while the symmetrical are ideal for beginners and for long routes where you have to spend much time with footwear since.

My recommendation for a person who starts is clear: Explain the professional Store what type of foot you have (wide / narrow), listen to their instructions on what number to pick up and above all purchase those cat feet that allow you to start enjoying this great sport instead of it being a horror every time you think to wear them. You’ll be more time to adjust when you win in strength and technique.

In my case, I chose without hesitation a symmetrical cats brand Boreal, Joker model. As well I have a narrow foot, I felt the laces fit me more than Velcro. But that is choosing each, with what feels most comfortable and practical. I have prepared this list of the major brands of climbing accessories that you throw an eye before going to the store


The pants footwear is important but equally important is to feel comfortable making broad gestures where tissue elasticity is indispensable. So I think the choice of pants and shirts will also be a key factor in choosing the best equipment for climbing. My advice, climbing wall slightly elastic pants or tights, lightweight and allow the range of motion. In the natural rock, besides being lightweight and comfortable, they have to be resistant to withstand chafing against the wall. In my case, in the winter, I use a slightly elastic pants with patches on the knees and other tissue Texan also elastic. In summer, I prefer these pirate climbing pants cut like the mesh of the Trangoworld brand you as photo attached tissue.


And if we talk about the top of the body, clothes change much from winter to summer. When it’s cold, it is best to use thermal garments that allow us to keep warm, evacuate sweat and, especially, are very light and comfortable. In summer, I prefer tank tops because I think it is best to move without any hindrance. Brands such as Northface, Edelrid, Vaude, Mammut, Trangoworld offer us lot of technical climbing clothing quality. In addition, every day, these brands surprise us with bold, colorful designs and drawings, such as Paraboltheworld.


The harness wanted to go running also include an accessory that while we are already garment, I believe that is also part of “uniform” that anyone who starts in climbing have to think about acquiring. The harness. It is the element who we trust our lives, it keeps us together to the rope and holds our weight. You have to choose one that is comfortable as it possibly keep us hanging a good time and, therefore, can not hurt us or resultants annoying. In my case, I use the photo, Black Diamond brand that recommended me mates, and I’m more than happy.

As a final point, I leave a picture of a bag for magnesium which I love. This accessory is also essential to be taking magnesium to have hands always dry and prepared for contact with the wall.

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