How to choose 3-season tents?

Self-bearing capacity: Before opting for a construction form or another (see above), you will have to choose between fixed or freestanding tent. But what is a freestanding tent? Well, it is simply a tent capable of standing alone without rods (or sardines) or shrouds. The assembly is generally easier / faster. In an emergency (sudden change in wind direction at night) one can easily redirect its shelter without removing it completely. No one has to worry about the location of the camp, whether land can be planted sardines or not. Attention, however, an unfixed ground tent will provide stability at the slightest wind a tent with poles and guy wires.

Ease of assembly: The whole tent is easy to install for whom is accustomed. You just have to practice several times “in the garden” and all will be well. It will, therefore, consider more assembly time, which can range from single to quadruple.

Basic information and criteria

Weight: While the “three seasons” now display all reasonable weight in itself, it goes from 1 to 3 kg depending on the model, depending on the fabric surface, the materials used, and the number of poles. It is estimated an ideal weight of a tent to within one kilo per person. But if overweight, you can easily remedy this problem by dispatch ant tent components in the bags of your various companions trek.

Color: Light colors are preferred. They attract less sun. If forced extended stay due to bad weather, they offer even the minimum of light needed to avoid falling into the deepest depression.

Trim levels: Be extremely careful finishes, especially the seams, major weaknesses tents. The heat welds are preferred because of being more resistant and effective in sealing.

Recommended brands and products

Mountain Hardwear – 2 DP Skyledge

Flysheet: 20D ripstop nylon 1500mm PU / SIL

Inner tent: 20D Poly Knit Mesh

Floor: 70D ripstop Nylon Taffeta 3000mm PU

Poles: DAC featherlight NSL ™.

Dimensions: 2.6m² (floor area)

Weight: 1955g

Recommended retail price: € 490 (you can find lower price or best family camping tents for sale here)

Our opinion: Drawing its design in the Alpine brand philosophy, this standing is the only tent in this folder to be fitted as standard with an additional floor mats, which, in addition to protect the floor mat of the room, greatly simplifying assembly operations in difficult conditions since it is possible to mount the whole structure and the rain fly to end up the room from inside. For cons, the trapezoidal base requires careful during assembly, there is no color code. Coming close to 500 Euros, this Skyledge leaves us with mixed feelings: lightness, resistance to very good wind, but some details are annoying. In a fortnight, we broke two stakes. The inner tent is reduced to a single screen: level protection, the difference with a tarp is thin. The outer fabric is very durable but slow to dry. Finally, the interior space is a bit tight for two adults. Nice little detail, transparent skylights to observe on the lookout for what is happening outside.

Nemo – Obi 2P

Rainfly: Nylon 20 denier polyurethane coated

Inner tent: Mesh and nylon 20 denier polyurethane coated

Floor: 30 denier nylon with polyurethane coating

Poles: Aluminium DAC Featherlite NSL ™

Dimensions: 213 x 127 x 102 cm (indoor)

Weight: 1553g

Recommended retail price: € 519

Our opinion: Assembly with quick fasteners / double-roof, double access and large side openings for good organizing inside, cords on sardines for easy handling, wide opening storage bag saving time in the morning. To return to editing, it is simply the fastest of this selection, the straps on each end of the rain fly are to perfectly adjust its voltage and adjust the room for optimal insulation against the wind and rain. Nemo pay dearly for these details, we go beyond the psychological barrier of 500 Euros, but if you went for trekking for a month in the Himalayas, this versatile model and manufacturing visibly treated can be an interesting option.

The North Face – Rock 2

Flysheet: 190T polyester taffeta 75D, 80 g / m2, 1500 mm PU coated waterproof finish

Inner tent: 40D nylon mesh “no-see-um” (anti burn)

Floor: 70D 190T nylon taffeta, 83 g / m2, PU coated 5000 mm, waterproof finish

Poles: DAC Featherlite NSL aluminum

Dimensions: 226 x 137 x 108 cm (indoor)

Weight: 2514g

Recommended retail price: 260 €

Our opinion: the dome of choice with all its advantages, compact outside but roomy enough inside with two beautiful apses on each side. Announced on the site manufacturer as an expedition tent, we would try to say that we must see what is meant by “expedition”. Because it is on a three-season model (but good). No complaints about the interior volume because it is spacious. Installation is also going smoothly. But two points grieve us somewhat.

Let us know what your choice is by commenting below!



Your tires are the first and only thing that connects you to the ground. This is also your first shock!

All too often overlooked by the novice, the tires are essential components of your bike. Of them depend comfort, driveability, performance, but also safety. Must still be familiar to exploit all their possibilities. It is recommended to opt for the best ATV tires


Commonly, you will meet the size in this form, e.g., 26 x 1.95 ” 26 “corresponds to the diameter of inches of its wheel and tire your 1.95” corresponds to the width of your tire.

If the width is normalized (ATV adult, the wheels are 26 “, 27.5” or 29 “inches in diameter), it is not the same for the section of the tire.

Thus, there are sometimes tire 1.75 1.95 widest tires themselves greater than 2.10.
Section tire is different according to the brand because there is no standardization in this area.
The most common sizes are between 1.40 and 2.60, which covers almost all possible uses.

For more precision in your search, be sure to refer to another indication printed on your tire named: ETRTO (European Tyre and Rim Technical Organisation). This evidence is controlled and standardized. It is shown in millimeters in this form: 50-559 50 corresponds to 50mm width at the studs. 559 corresponds to 559mm of diameter.


It is composed of the son of nylon or cotton more or less thick, braided. Some are thick and stiff, others thinner, lighter, more flexible and also more expensive.

Mountain biking, flexible carcasses offer more to the tire deformation of latitude. So you will get more traction and comfort by absorbing shocks.

The number that determines the flexibility of the carcass is indicated by the number of TPI, an English measurement showing the number of son per inch (1 inch = 2.5 cm). Above 100 TPI carcass is very flexible and the tire considered a luxury.


The screen covering the body is composed of a mixture of rubber and other chemical ingredients (such as silica) that affect the density, rolling resistance, traction mud on gum, wear and appearance.

Today, some tires have different hardnesses screen according to the tire area. It can, for example, be a difference between the tread and sidewalls (Bi-density, triple compound) to optimize grip and performance without sacrificing durability.

The rods: These are the two hoops that flatten the tire on the rim.

The rigid rods are made of steel son. They are intended for the entry-level tires (heavier) or the tires need to be perfectly maintained on the rim (trial tires, downhill), despite low pressures.

The flexible rods are aramid or para-aramid, including Kevlar, and are destined for high-end tires. Significantly lighter, they have the advantages often an easier mounting and a storage facility offering the possibility of folding the tire.

The rods and Tubeless Ready tires are concrete to seal the torque rim/tire.


All brands offer innovative solutions that continually incorporate new technologies.
Faced with these many changes, it is sometimes difficult to navigate.
To facilitate your choice, we have listed all the technologies for each brand.


The air pressure contained in the tire affects its dynamic characteristics. Small section tires should be inflated more than large parts, to prevent pinch flats. We must also keep in mind that the reduced Overinflation grip, traction, and comfort favoring performance on smooth terrain.

Conversely, by deflating the comfort and improves the adhesion because the surface in contact with the ground is higher. However, this induced a higher rolling resistance, therefore a reduced yield.

You have several options to inflate your tires: foot pump, hand pump, CO2 cartridges …


The role of a rear tire is to promote the motility. For this, it endows the aggressive studs on the thread. These are often perpendicular to the direction of travel, to bite the ground (shaped paving stones, round or square). The spikes are height less if the ground is dry and if the tire is designed to promote efficiency.

The front wheel is the director: it is large that it depends on accuracy and exceptional traction. For this reason, the cramping will be more aggressive, rather shaped guidance arrows, more pronounced on the outer edges of the tire (the area in contact with the ground, when the bicycle will be of the angle).

particular USES:

The section around 2.35 “, but aggressive side knobs round profile to keep advantageous. D Performance – Downhill

Grosse section with aggressive side knobs and well supported for maximum cornering grip, and solid center blocks to resist bending induced violence.XC braking – Cross Country

Rolling XC: crampons purposes and relatively small, averaging section and an often lightened carcass for minimum weight and maximum performance. For dry land and vehicles exclusively. 1.90 “to 2.15”.

Stony XC: more volume for better shock absorption. Double or triple density rubber and prominent side knob for better grip. Section between 2.0 “and 2.2” moderately spaced knobs for excellent grip in all conditions


Acclaimed by all motorsports, pneumatic technology has consistently invested Tubeless mountain biking. Hutchinson and Michelin have worked with Mavic to popularize this system in 1998-1999. The tubeless tire is happening in a tube.

The tire casing and rim form a sealed assembly through specific tire bead cores, the heels “clipped” on the shoulders of the side.

The rim itself must be completely sealed. Some are specifically designed for, while others may adopt a conversion kit.

The Tubeless limit the pinch puncture risk (shear chamber between the obstacle and the rim) and allows driving with lower pressures.

Tubeless Ready tires called were then developed to save weight retaining the tubeless tire bead so that snaps into the rim but by requiring the use of preventive liquid to waterproof the tire casing, which she is relieved and, Tube type approaches a carcass (air chamber).

Travel in Vietnam: What to remember?

  • Pins anywhere in Vietnam, but only at ATMs / banks with the Maestro logo. It can also happen that some banks refuse practices of foreigners. Try it, in this case, just at another bank. The limit per transaction is usually 2 million dong. Some ATMs have a higher limit. Make sure you pay per insert transaction. Furthermore, you must first unlock some bank accounts only for use abroad.
  • The north of Vietnam, you can visit the best in October, the South is best between November and February.
    Between October and January, the central and southern Vietnam regularly to deal with flooding. Otherwise, you can visit the south, I recommend a Danang tour
  • You can now journey directly in Vietnam book yourself but pay here and among the ANVR / SGR conditions. Through the platform of Local Hero Travel, a community of professional local travel agents in different remote locations. Your local Hero has the latest up-to-date local knowledge, lives there himself and organizes trips for doing it yourself like you. You travel cheap, small-scale and helps local communities. More about books locally.
  • A direct flight between Siem Reap and Phnom Penh in Cambodia to Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi in Vietnam is usually very expensive compared to travel by land. However a cheap alternative is a flight on AirAsia to Kuala Lumpur or Bangkok, and about to board the AirAsia flight to Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi. Although this is quite in order, and also takes a lot of extra time, this is the cheapest way at AirAsia offers ever to fly between Cambodia and Vietnam.

  • You can easily travel a package with items such as clothing (which you no longer use) to your address ship elements in the Netherlands. Prices are with you when you make use of overseas mail. You pay about 35USD for a package of 10kg. The downside is that it may take up to 3 months before it arrives in the Netherlands. The advantage is that when traveling for example from North Vietnam to South Vietnam; you already can send back to NL warmer clothes and buy new clothes in the south.
  • Some local (Vietnamese) agency questioned the booking confirmation for a copy of both sides of your credit card. This is common but brings significant risks with it. It is better not to use travel agents acting in this way. Although the agency itself probably doing the right thing, a lot can go wrong. If necessary for you to pay with PayPal. This is many times safer.
  • When you domestic flights have booked in advance (online), always make sure that your credit card that you have completed the booking with you. This is a requirement and without being able to show off your credit card you can not on the plane.

  • If you want to use domestic flights, buy not the cheapest flight class (super saver) but slightly more expensive so you possibly can change even for a small fee, flight date. This also applies to flights to neighboring countries.
    When you can not stand the hectic airports, train stations or bus stations, it is better to pre-define the hotel stay and the hotel agreeing that they pick you up. There’s someone waiting for you with a sign. While a pick-up is slightly more expensive than the regular taxi fare; you have nothing to do with drivers who want to rip off. Furthermore, you also have the certainty that you will be brought directly to the right hotel. A common scam is that taxi drivers will take you to a hotel with almost the same name, but which ultimately proves to be a very different hotel (lower quality).
  • Some hotels and guesthouses want you to leave passports with them. Do this under any circumstances. Give them instead, possibly a copy (though even that is best avoided).
    Make sure when the hotels in the tourist areas on you when you ask for advice, the advice often gets what is most beneficial for the hotel itself. If you ask example to tailor what you’re a best to go, then there is a chance that the hotel sends you to a tailor where the hotel has an arrangement. This also applies to several other services ranging from hairdressing to massage parlors and travel agencies to restaurants.

Clothing and accessories climbing for beginners

One day, I decided to give me the first step in this great sport to overcome, sacrifice and companionship and advice of my friends already climbed, I showed up at a clothing store and accessories climbing, willing to equip with the basics for this sport. The most important is the best backpacking tent for a long day trip. Find all model here

Thanks to all the advice I received and after months of use of the equipment, I can tell you my experience to help those who may have thought introduce you to this fascinating activity.

In climbing there is enough material to consider, but I will focus only on that which is essential to begin with, can take advantage of rope, tape and insurer more experienced companion who will accompany you on your first ascents.


The first garment climbing I thought when I was in the store, it is vital to choose cat feet that fit your physiology because the poor choice of this technique can directly make garment abhor the practice of climbing.

There are two types: foot cat symmetrical and asymmetrical. The difference is that the former have the heel aligned with the tip, thereby providing greater comfort than asymmetric, with the toe inward and force us to take the stand and in a compressed position recollection of fingers. Speaking of performance, asymmetrical are more technical cat feet and allow to rush more complicated way, while the symmetrical are ideal for beginners and for long routes where you have to spend much time with footwear since.

My recommendation for a person who starts is clear: Explain the professional Store what type of foot you have (wide / narrow), listen to their instructions on what number to pick up and above all purchase those cat feet that allow you to start enjoying this great sport instead of it being a horror every time you think to wear them. You’ll be more time to adjust when you win in strength and technique.

In my case, I chose without hesitation a symmetrical cats brand Boreal, Joker model. As well I have a narrow foot, I felt the laces fit me more than Velcro. But that is choosing each, with what feels most comfortable and practical. I have prepared this list of the major brands of climbing accessories that you throw an eye before going to the store


The pants footwear is important but equally important is to feel comfortable making broad gestures where tissue elasticity is indispensable. So I think the choice of pants and shirts will also be a key factor in choosing the best equipment for climbing. My advice, climbing wall slightly elastic pants or tights, lightweight and allow the range of motion. In the natural rock, besides being lightweight and comfortable, they have to be resistant to withstand chafing against the wall. In my case, in the winter, I use a slightly elastic pants with patches on the knees and other tissue Texan also elastic. In summer, I prefer these pirate climbing pants cut like the mesh of the Trangoworld brand you as photo attached tissue.


And if we talk about the top of the body, clothes change much from winter to summer. When it’s cold, it is best to use thermal garments that allow us to keep warm, evacuate sweat and, especially, are very light and comfortable. In summer, I prefer tank tops because I think it is best to move without any hindrance. Brands such as Northface, Edelrid, Vaude, Mammut, Trangoworld offer us lot of technical climbing clothing quality. In addition, every day, these brands surprise us with bold, colorful designs and drawings, such as Paraboltheworld.


The harness wanted to go running also include an accessory that while we are already garment, I believe that is also part of “uniform” that anyone who starts in climbing have to think about acquiring. The harness. It is the element who we trust our lives, it keeps us together to the rope and holds our weight. You have to choose one that is comfortable as it possibly keep us hanging a good time and, therefore, can not hurt us or resultants annoying. In my case, I use the photo, Black Diamond brand that recommended me mates, and I’m more than happy.

As a final point, I leave a picture of a bag for magnesium which I love. This accessory is also essential to be taking magnesium to have hands always dry and prepared for contact with the wall.

How to choose a good tent?.

A camping tent is not chosen without thinking if you want to enjoy a comfortable use, secure and sustainable return of this product. If you master the criteria for choosing this product, you can easily find one that suits you. That’s why we offer some tips in this buying guide for the best camping tents. We suggest you take into account three main criteria: weight, strength and comfort.

Buying Guide

The weight

The first criterion by which you should choose a camping tent is its weight. Again, as in most cases when you plan to buy a product, it is best to adapt your choices based on the intended use of the tent. Just by considering this criterion, you may already know how to buy a tent for a better value.

A tent can weigh in around 1 6 kilos. Your choice should depend on the intended use of the tent, the means of transport you will use when you bring a tent with you and where you plan on traveling with a tent. A heavy and spacious model can do no problem if you go for a car and camping in a place where you will have no problems of space. By cons, it’s a lighter tent for you if you walk around and do the long walk to reach the camp.

Furthermore, considering that weight, you can simultaneously take into account the size of the tent, in particular during transport. The ideal is always to opt for these tents which become perfectly compact after folding.


The resistance of a tent ensures that its use is sustainable. Durable tent is both strong and waterproof so you can use it in any season without any constraints. This impermeability often depends on the quality of the material constituting the external cloth and carpet. In terms of the strength of the whole of the tent, it is the robustness of the arches and the quality of the materials which constitute it must also be checked.

In addition, a resistant tent attaches securely to the ground and may in no case be blown away if camping in the great outdoors in windy weather. Then try to find out where to buy a new tent and where you could learn about these features.


The last selection criterion to consider before moving to a price comparison is the comfort of using the tent. Various factors determining this comfort and you can check them one by one if you plan to use this product in good conditions.

The comfort of use of a tent is determined primarily by the size of the space inside thereof. The idea is to adjust the volume inside the tent to the number of people who will use it and everyone can have the maximum space to live in comfort. You can also check the number of doors to see what comfort. If many of you use it, it is best to have at least two doors with one tent.

Here we recommend you one of the best camping tents for groups, especially in case you camp in a desert.

Ultrasport Outdoor Sahara

The best camping tent for 3 persons is currently the Ultrasport Outdoor Sahara. Not only is it easy to assemble and disassemble, but in addition, this tent’s tractor has a strong and smart coating that can protect the people staying on the weather.

The 3 persons who sleep there enjoy all comforts even if they go camping in nature. In addition, the bars that compose it are fiberglass and therefore, they are sturdy enough to last in time and bear the tent for one to three weeks. Moreover, the tent is airy enough for everyone to be at ease at any time.

With this tent you will be sure to be protected from rain and water seepage and bars are strong enough to remain fixed to the ground even when the wind is strong. The advantage with this tent for 3 persons Ultrasport Outdoor Sahara is that its mounting system is so easy that even children over 10 years are able to install and uninstall it and as it weighs only 4 kilos when folded, everyone can carry it.


The longboard essential parts

There are several essential parts in the longboard. Here is some information

The pads

The pads or screws are small plastic rectangles rubber wood. They exist in various thicknesses and mounted between the board and the base of the trucks. They serve primarily to absorb shock, vibration, see enhance the board which has the effect of moving the board wheels to reduce the wheel bite. It also uses pads inclined to change the angle of the trucks so they are more or less reactive … Or even to compensate for the angle of some boards so that the truck starts flat … Nowadays pads 3mm flexible are the most used because they help absorb vibration, slightly raise the board to remove the wheels while remaining the lowest possible…

There are two main kinds of screw or pad (the diameter is 5 mm and the length depends on the thickness of the board and mounted pads)

In terms of the bolts are provided with a nylon ring in the threaded portion allowing them to not to loosen due to vibration. Their size is US size 10/32 or almost 10mm of European size. If you buy 5mm screws in the European Format Compatible bolts will then be 8mm.

Note that the US screws are not compatible with the European bolts and screws because the threads are also not of the same standard… The most common screw lengths are 1 inch 1 inch ¼ 1½ inches, 2 inches. (1 inch = 2.54 cm). There are longer sizes up to 3 inches often used on Slalom boards because of the thickness of the inclined pads.

The protections

It is highly recommended to wear a helmet because it can save your life! There are a multitude of brands offering specific helmets for skateboarding at prices quite reasonable. Even good skaters wear helmets because accidents do happen especially when you practice on routes called “open”, that is to say on which circulate the cars. Contrary to what many think, we can do very poorly even at low speed. Note that if you already have a bicycle helmet, it will also be necessary.

For those who make the downhill at higher speed, it is strongly recommended to wear a helmet type motorcycle. This is generally required to participate in competitions in downhill. Then if you want to protect your advantage there are a host of protections such as elbow pads, knee pads, wrist, back … The ridges are protections for the spine. The “crash pads” usually in the form of shorts that you wear under his clothes to protect the buttocks, hips, tailbone…

In terms of gloves it is possible to use two kinds:

The classical style gloves often leather motorcycle gloves for protection in case of fall. And so-called glove “Slide” which are provided with glass plates or hard plastic on the inside of the hand in order to place on the ground while rippling in order to press it and slide to avoid slowing and pierce the gloves.

For those who are starting to reach high speeds and that the search speed is the goal, a combination of leather-type motorcycle is a minimum and an obligation competition. For starters, you can easily find used combinations at reasonable prices on the internet for example. This will allow you not to ruin you and learn how to get off without fear of damaging his brand new combination in the first few corners! A little research, there are even small manufacturers specializing in special leather combinations longboard…

The tools

In terms of tools, the simplest solution is to acquire a “skate tool.” There are many on the market according to the use you want to do. Some are very compact and allow you to easily carry in your pocket or backpack. Others are larger but sometimes a little more practical…

Although the standards of the most common screws and bolts are American you can get by well with key to the European size:

  • Wheels for a key (preferably pipe) 13mm will do.
  • To the axis of trucks a key 14mm.
  • To Mount / Dismount trucks a 10mm wrench and a Phillips screwdriver or Allen wrench according to your board (see hardware).

That is all you need to know about the longboard. Good luck, beginners!!!!

Facts about wheels and trucks of longboard

The wheels


Today, the longboard wheels are made of urethane. They often have a hard core of plastic, composite or aluminum in which sometimes come to keep two ball bearings and a spacer (not required but recommended).

The dimension

Longboard wheels typically have a diameter that varies between 60mm and 130mm and a width that ranges from 40mm to 55mm. The most used sizes are 65mm, 70mm, and 75mm. Over a wheel of a small diameter, the more it will favor the acceleration and maneuverability. Conversely, the more of a large diameter, it will be more stable and keep the speed long once launched and will reach higher speeds. So, for example, the citizens will tend to use wheels between 60mm and 75mm, for downhill * between 70mm and 85mm and 80mm for hiking rather to 130mm. After informed consent, you are free to do as you please …!


The hardness of longboard wheels is important. This is measured on a scale of about 65a-100a. To give you an idea of the street skate wheels are rather 100a. Conversely, the longboard wheels are softer and catchy. Most wheels are 75a / 80a, this is the ideal hardness for most disciplines. The harder the wheel, it will be fast on a very smooth, slippery and uncomfortable surface on poor quality bitumen (grainy …). Conversely, it will be more tender, it will hang and will be comfortable over poor surfaces. It will be a little slower because it “deforms” a little with the weight of the rider.

The profile

Longboard wheels profiles can vary greatly from one model to another. In general, the more a wheel is large and has a sharp edge (outer edge of the wheel), the more it will hang in relation to a wheel having the same hardness, less wide with very little or no lip. Some wheels are designed to hang and others for the drifter.

The two main profiles are the issues of wider wheels and slalom with a protruding lip and those known under the name freeride with slightly lower widths but especially with the more rounded lips …

The core

There are two main types: The centered and nuclei-center cores then some nuclei are “broken” while others are full. The focus stone wheels are often provided wheels to slide. This profile will be able to disassemble and reassemble in reverse order.

The core wheeled off center (outward) increase slightly the width of the chassis and support on the outside thus cling more.

The main difference between the solid core and those wheels vented core is a weight difference. Indeed, a broken kernel has the effect of lightening the wheel and is mostly used on wheels of large diameter (from 75mm). This lightness will have the effect of increasing the acceleration out of corners at high speed and incidentally enable better cooling of the bearings in extreme use (downhill / Streetluge …). For the best choice of this component, we recommend the Never Summer Longboards.

The trucks


The vast majority of trucks are constructed of cast aluminum or billet. Wheel axles and the kingpin are steel.


By discipline, the width of trucks can vary from 80mm to 200mm can close. This measure is taken without including axes beyond. The two most common sizes are 150mm and 180mm. Then there are two areas of standard diameter. The most common is the 8mm. We begin to appear more solid axles 10mm mainly reserved for the competition. As seen above, there are two holes for fixing trucks: Drilling “Old school” and boring “New School”. Nowadays, most of the longboards trucks are provided with two.


These are the two parts made of urethane that allow trucks to be articulated. According to the trucks, they will be of different shapes, heights, and hardnesses. When you want to change, so it is advisable to look at what look like the original ones and possibly measure to deliver the good. Different hardnesses thereof are used to modulate the retention when using its weight to rotate. Too soft bushings will not hold you all in curves and too hard will prevent you from turning.


The longboard construction

The trucks

There are two main geometries for the longboard trucks. The first vector has the most Kingpins facing the inside of the board. The second more recent and current so-called “inverted” has the Kingpins are facing out of the board. This geometry has the distinction of being much more stable at high speeds. Namely: the trucks in reverse geometry are often about 1cm higher than those in classical geometry which has the direct effect of raising the board of the same height.

Then, looking at the side of the truck, we can see that there is usually an angle of about 50 ° (for a truck to reverse geometry). If we decrease this angle, we get a truck more stable and conversely more manageable. Some trucks are available for purchase in different angles depending on the use we want to make. If a truck does not exist in different angles and it is desired to make it more or less reactive then use shims between the beveled tip and the board commonly called “pads inclined.” These blocks will more or less change the geometry. Similarly, some models of trucks are reversed “flipable” which means that reversing this angle it slightly decreases, which has the effect of making it a little more stable …


For a longboard or skateboard, it will take 2 per wheel or 8 in total. In the market, there is a multitude of brands that offer bearings of different qualities. The most common measure is “ABEC” 1/3/5/7 or 9 which was the speed rating given to them for industrial use on machines. This is an index that is ill-suited to the use you make of it because the forces exerted on a machine or skateboarding have nothing to do! The higher the number, the higher its manufacture is accurate (less play between the balls and the cage), but is more fragile. This is why in general on boards of the street will tend to use 3 or 5 as superscripts to large shocks they face with many jumps made. On a longboard in general, bearings suffer less impact, so we can safely climb to higher indices. Now, one can also find bearing with balls made of titanium or ceramic. These bearings often have the advantage of being faster, stronger, require less maintenance and do not rust like a traditional bearing exposed to moisture or rain. You can also find that some skate brands, specializing in the manufacture of bearings for skateboarding, chose not to use the ABEC clues as deemed too inappropriate. In this case, they will be quite explicit when the most appropriate use and if you still have doubts, do not hesitate to ask your dealer or the people around you who may have already dealt with some of these products.

As explained above, there are two bearings per wheel. So they put themselves in place, using what is called a spacer is a small steel tube that just slip on the shaft between the two bearings in the wheel so that they remain perfectly parallel to one another. For me, it is an accessory to the proper functioning of the whole. In England, it is called “spacer”.


  • Cylindrical: with a large contact surface on both sides. This offers the most support. They are commonly called Bushing Barrels (of the English).
  • Conical: having less contact on one side surface, these bushings generally offer less support thus more maneuverability. Attention as trucks, there is short conical (often on trucks to classical geometry called “Small Cone”) and the highest tapered (often the reverse geometry trucks called “Tall Cone”) …
  • There are also hourglass-shaped, which are a bit of a compromise between the two. Are emerging new forms of bushings for applications and more specific effects … It will refer to the descriptions given by the manufacturer …

  • The hardness: Hardness is an important factor. The indices of hardness function as the wheels (75a to 100a). Often the original bushings on a longboard are goshawks of 90a when they are tapered and instead 80a when they are cylindrical.
  • The cups: these are metal washers slightly envelop the base bushings and bushing top to the top so that they have maximum support. If you find your bushings too hard, a technique often used to make them a little more reactive is to replace the cups with a big classical washer at least the same diameter as your bushing. The fact that they do not go back on the banks allows them to deform more and therefore more manageable … It is not advisable to put nothing at all on the bushing top as this could damage your irreversibly and bushings give a poor result …